Customer Reviews

We have hundreds of five-star reviews, but our favorite reviews aren’t even posted publicly, such as the one above from two young guests. See below for some screenshots of a recent sample of public reviews at the time we’re updating this page.

We are proud of how many great reviews we have gotten from our guests. Rather than just giving you a sample, we encourage you to look through our reviews on Airbnb and VRBO.

Scroll through the reviews below to get a sample of what you will find there.

See what our guests say

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Also, we are always trying to improve with a major upgrade every year or two. Though we have gotten great reviews since we started, we always want to make things better if we can. If there’s something we think we could improve either based on guest feedback or simply asking ourselves what we like when we are vacation, we try to create a plan and make it happen so we can get better over time.

  • Major soundproofing renovation in 2020
  • Added an outdoor patio and Pergola in 2019
  • Added air conditioning in 2017
  • Upgraded to T1 internet in 2016 (it’s still slow, but the best you can possibly get here)
  • Added a fireplace in 2014

You’re also welcome to book through Airbnb or VRBO, but be aware they charge a roughly 10% booking fee (fees vary).