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Over the years, several guests have asked us to create a newsletter. After a decade, we finally started one in late 2021. We hope and plan (promise?) to send out one or two issues per year. We definitely will not send three.

Not sure it’s for you? Look at the first couple issues and decide:

  • Fall/Winter 2021 — Welcome. Nature Corner: Evening Primroses. 2022 Preview, 2021 Retrospective.
  • Spring/Summer 2022 — Introduction. Nature Corner: All About Antlers. 2022 Preview. First impressions with our solar panel plus battery backup system.

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The Newsletter

We use the word “newsletter” loosely. It will include news, primarily about Yosemite, but also about us and Alpine Escape. But we also will include items that aren’t really “news,” such as Tom’s long article about the biology and history of evening primroses (Oenothera elata) in Yosemite. That is, our goal is that our “news” will include natural history and history topics that we find interesting.

The format will be short descriptions of articles with links to make it skimmable and skippable so you can quickly find the parts you’re interested in and skip the rest. Again, our hope is to send out one or two per year.

If it’s not for you, you can unsubscribe at any time. Also, we will never willingly share your email address or other info.