Short-term Openings for Return Guests

We are trying something a bit different in 2023 — opening shorter gaps in the summer calendar only to return guests. We tried something similar at Christmas and we really enjoyed seeing those folks again so we decided to try to make it easier for people to come stay again.

We always want return guests to get at least 10%. In this case, that would be $325/night (rounding down a bit) plus tax in lieu of our Airbnb rate of $375 (about 23% off once you include Airbnb fees).

There’s no elegant way to do this, so we’ll keep this page updated with available shorter blocks of 2-3 nights that for now are only bookable by return guests.

Available Dates

  • May 16-18 (two nights)
  • June 5-7 (two nights, Mon-Wed)
  • June 14-16 (two nights, Wed-Fri)
  • August 10-12 (two nights, Thu-Sat)
  • September 15-17 (two nights, Fri-Sun)
  • September 22-25 (three nights, Fri-Mon)

How to Book

Again, there’s no elegant solution. You just email us using the form below or info at yosemite house dot com and we will create a special booking that gets around any minimum-stay settings.